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The Skeletons EP is here!

Click Here to purchase the EP on iTunes or here to buy a WAV from Beatport!

Click Here to purchase the EP on iTunes or here to buy a WAV from Beatport!

Breakshop Studios is proud to present their latest EP from producer and singer Church Williams.

Hot off the presses is the new Summer Remixes EP. Featuring a wide array of remixes fit for any DJ’s set we are extremely happy with the way this release came together.

Master Plan gets two crushing dubstep mixes, one from NYC’s Jumpshot as well as a mix from the downunder duo Dysphemic & Miss Eliza. Also a well supported chillwave remix by CaseyDC.

Eddie Hoey drops a really nice straight up house mix of New Sight that will sit well in warm up and cool down sets alike.

Does your peak hour set need something new? Check out Friendly Fire, remixed by Native Intelligence, Liam Shy and S.I.M.O.

Radio gets a little bit more leftfield attack with a glitch hop mix from my boy Schpilkas and a a tech-house mix from Smash & Grab.

Click Here to purchase the EP on iTunes or here to buy a WAV from Beatport!

“To describe the actual sound of “Touch the Sun” is difficult, owing to the distinct character of the record. It is progressive pop electronica, with elements of trance and classical orchestration. In terms of vocals, Williams’ singing is natural and unpretentious, capacious in both range and ability, and his tasteful restraint lends an added quality to the music that cannot be faked. His lyrics are intelligent, meaningful, and free of melodrama or self­indulgence. Like a more spacious Depeche Mode with a dose of Robert Miles and a tiny dash of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Church Williams must be experienced to be truly imagined.” – S. McCauley

The EP was mixed down on the legendary API 1608 by Mikael Johnston (Mephisto Odyssey, Blondie) and mastered at Pyramind by CEO Greg Gordon. Suffice it to say that the record’s sonic quality is top notch.

Label head Jeff ‘DJ F’ Straw discovered Church at Test Press San Francisco in the summer of 2012. Church’s track Invisible Signs won the quarterly competition of electronic music producers and Jeff knew he heard something special. The two have been working together to bring this project to light and we truly hope you enjoy it.